Separating or Retiring From The Military Requires Exit Strategy

When military personnel are preparing to either separate or retire from the military they are busy with accomplishing all job assignments, turning over responsibilities to the person replacing them, etc.  What they are not focused on or even thinking about is what actually will happen when they separate or retire from military life.  Whether they think about it or not, they are getting ready to enter unfamiliar territory.  Military life is all about developing strategy for implementing programs, exercises, maneuvers , etc.  Without a strategy, how would any action be put into motion?  A strategy covers how something will happen, why that action is necessary, identifies who the players are and what role they will play, and what the end result will be so that it can be determined to be effective or not.  The same is true when a military member prepares to exit the only world he/she has known for the last 6, 8, or 20 plus years.  Taking the time to research what that next chapter should be like and feel like, is important and that developing the strategy to get you there is even more important.  What most military personnel do is just leave military life behind with no plan for the future and just hope that something will come their way.  Developing an exit strategy provides not only vision but identifying the opportunities that are out there.  Putting an action plan into place gives you control of what you want that next chapter to look like and feel like.  Taking the time  6 – 12 months before you leave the military to really start charting a course for your future and implementing that strategy will leave you in a much better position to transition into the next chapter of your life, the one that you have created.

Tips For Effective Networking

We hear the term “Networking” all the time and it is even listed on Military Transition checklists that say to increase your networking with the assumption that military members already possess the expertise to do this.  The term “Networking” means; “the developing of contacts or exchanging of information with others in an informal network, as to… Continue Reading

Veterans Make Good Franchisees

Veterans that are considering being an entrepreneur should look at the opportunities of purchasing a franchise.  So many businesses today are not the “Mom and Pop” variety, they are a franchise operation.  A franchise has a proven system in place, with training and operating procedures in place.  There is also a built-in support system so… Continue Reading

Job Fair Preparation

So many veterans or transitioning military personnel arrive at a Job Fair, totally unprepared.  They have probably brought some resumes with but have not done their research ahead of time in order to maximize their attendance. Actions To Take Prior To Attending: – pull down a list of employers attending and research what product/service they… Continue Reading

Are You Looking For A Job Or A Career?

Military personnel either separating or retiring from the military go through either an ACAP or TAP transition program which talks a lot about getting a job and creating a resume.  There is even the ability of putting your MOS into a computer program and it will print out what the civilian equivalent is.  What each… Continue Reading

Booming Telecon Industry Is Looking To Hire Veterans

Mobile communcation technology continues to skyrocket.  More than 90% of Americans own wireless phones or tablets.  We are a very mobile society and we seem to communicate nonstop whether that be voice, data, or text.  As technology improves, this expansion will continue to grow.  So what does that mean to you if you are getting… Continue Reading

What Is More Important Than A Resume?

Everyone talks about a Resume like it is the only thing that you need, to get a job.  Just prepare a Resume based on something, post it to a job site and magic happens right?  Well not exactly. Once you post the resume on-line it gets scanned by a machine so see if it passes the… Continue Reading

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